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New Zealand Trade Merchants Ltd was established in June 2006 as an exporter of mainly Dairy products.  In September of the same year under our Trade Name  Colostrumhealth , we launched our high quality Colostrum capsules, powder and chewable tablets. We provide you with pure New Zealand bovine colostrum, manufactured, bottled, encapsulated and pressed into tablets at  New Zealand Ministry of Health audited and GMP certified laboratories here in Auckland. The NZ colostrum as well as the gel capsules used are Halal certified

Having reviewed the claims and quality of bovine colostrum health supplements available in the market today, we believe that the quality of New Zealand produced bovine colostrum is of the best in the world.  New Zealand collects Colostrum once a year during natural calving season from year round pasture fed cows that are free of artificial hormones, antibiotics, BSE, foot and mouth and pesticides.  The Colostrum is processed at low temperatures, except for the 15seconds at 72degrees Celsius pasteurization process, this provide a product superior in bioactive components.

Colostrum, with 200 compounds that assist the body in maintaining optimal health, can provide every one with a strong foundation in today’s challenging environment, to fight of the many viral attacks and the increase in devastating immune-related degenerative diseases.  Colostrumhealth  simply bottle and encapsulate the pure New Zealand bovine colostrum. That way we believe you get the best. The unadulterated product with all the benefits of colostrum as nature intended.  Compare our product before you buy.

As a relatively small company, we have low overheads, which mean we can remain competitive without compromising on quality.  We pride ourselves in providing a high quality product we believe in and invite you to try it for yourself.  Our health is important we should take charge and protect ourselves.

We thank you for visiting our website, feel free to contact us should you have any comments or questions.  Wishing you all the very best of health.

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